10 Promises From God To Provide For Your Needs

Good morning! Here is one of my latest published article written for Afrophire Magazine, “Your Brighter Life Guide.” Afrophire Magazine is an on-line magazine that publishes informative and interesting articles written for the purpose of educationing and uplifting readers. You’ll find current events, the latest trends in fashion, tips for personal care, and inspirational messages that are written by me. I encourage you to visit Afrophire Magazine today! Have an amazing day! God bless.

Afrophire Magazine

10 Promises of Provision From GodToday’s Scripture: “Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22 NIV).

Are you worried or frustrated? Got problems but no solutions? Does life seem to be harder than usual? Do you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut, as though you’re going no where? You’ve called on God, but he has not answered you yet. So you think that He does not care or simply is not there. Now you’re seeking the advice of family and friends, who don’t even know what their doing in their own seemingly happy lives.

Because we tend to judge our situations by our feelings, we fail to seek God’s council first, to guide us during times of uncertainty or trouble. Well, I have some advice for you. Don’t wait until you’re over the edge; seek God while He may be found. First, let me inform you that God is merciful and gracious, He loves us unconditionally…

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