Screenshot_2014-09-17-17-38-18-1Today’s Scripture: “And he asked him, what is thy name? And he answered saying, my name is Legion, for we are many” (Mark 5:9).

Jesus and his disciples were traveling in the hilly region east of the Jordan River, as they were coming from the other side of the sea, a man came running to Jesus from out of the tombs. This man was possessed with unclean spirits. The tomb was where he lived. A tomb is where dead things lay. It’s a dark, dry, empty place. Yet, when he saw Jesus from afar coming, he came running and fell at his feet to worship him.

“WORSHIP” means ‘to prostrate oneself in homage.’ It was used to describe the custom of prostrating oneself before a person and kissing that person’s feet, the ground, or the hem of their garment.

The demon that inhabited the man recognized Jesus as possessing great power. This caused the man to fall on his knees in reverence. This man cried with a loud voice “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? Swear that you won’t torture me!” Jesus commanded “Come out of this man you evil spirit! What is your name?” Jesus asked.

The question was asked not out of ignorance on Jesus part, but for the sake of those traveling with Him; that they may know the miserable condition of this man. The object of the question of his name was to extort and acknowledgment of the virulence of demoniacal power by which this victim was enthralled.

The evil spirit answered “My name is legions, for we are many.” A legion in the Roman Army amounted to 6,000 soldiers. The legion that possessed this man were terrible in strength, inexorable in their hostility and they had dominion over him. Because of the physical strength the demons gave the man, he was able to break and throw off the chains that other people tried to bind him with. Jesus asked the demoniac his name as if to bring him into composure. What this revealed was a sensitive, fine strung mind wrecked by insanity. There is one principle leader among them and the rest were conjoined, constituting the legion. If one dwelling there can be so many, how many are there in the whole aggregate throughout the world?

What a miserable condition this poor man was in, being infested and vexed with such a large company of devils. They had total control of this man. He was at the mercy of demons. But clearly the demons knew that the Jesus had come to evict them from the body of this man. (Continued on page 2)


    1. Hi Angela. Thank you for praying for me. This article was heavy on my mind and I worked diligently to complete it in a timely manner. I knew that God had prepared someone’s heart to receive His word. I love that you were obedient and you prayed for me. You have been on my mind for a couple of days as well. I am participating in a 7 Day of Encouragement Challenge and you are one of my inspirations. So don’t be surprised when you see your name as one of my favs. You are so supportive and I love that about you. From day one you have encouraged me. I look up to you Lady! Thank you for reading my friends testimony. Blessings to you sweet lady. 🙂


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