Book Review: Faith Enhances Freedom, by Natalie Phipps

The most fragile moment of my entire life lasted only 60 seconds. In that brief moment, I saw my life through a looking glass. Having been in denial for years, I came to realize that anything is possible. And I learned that in that space of just a minute, things can be turned around for your good, even if they’d looked to be the worst. Don’t let bitterness overtake you.

While residing in Canada and employed as a public transit bus driver, Nehemiah recently purchased her first home. With determination, she was focused on making better decisions and living a purposeful lifestyle. Nehemiah was a praying woman, she consistently prayed to God for direction and revelation.

One day, while trying to open the plexiglass barrier that stood between the passengers and the driver, Nehemiah noticed that it was harder to open than usual. For some unknown reason, it was stuck. As she was pulling the shield, she felt a snap and a spasm in her neck. She initially ignored the pain, however, at the end of her route she made a call to the office.

Next came an ambulance ride, a doctor’s visit, and the prognosis. Nehemiah was unfit to drive a 12-ton bus filled with passengers for the next five weeks. Unable to do much of anything due to neck and shoulder pain, Nehemiah thought “How life can change in front of your eyes.”


The Start to a New Beginning…

Excerpts: “You know that you’re on the right path and experiencing the right thoughts when everything lines up with God. God is good, joy, peace, riches, victory, happiness, strength, confidence, wisdom, knowledge, love, sharing, and giving. Those are the words, actions, and desires you need and want to surround you in life.”


Moving Forward…

One thing Nehemiah was fed up with lying men; men who played games; and those who cheated. This prompted her to have an in-depth conversation with God via written correspondence. With a passion of heart and fervency of spirit, Nehemiah made a request to God asking Him to send her a particular type of man.

She wrote, “Father, God, I want a god-fearing man who would be my best friend and soul mate. Someone who wants a one on one relationship with his wife to be.” Being a praying woman, she was mindful to keep her relationship with God consistent. She also had a God-fearing grandmother, who shared her wisdom, support, and encouragement.

One day Nehemiah received a call from her cousin who lived in the U.S. During the conversation her cousin enthusiastically told her about a friend of her husband. Roderick lived in Jamaica and he was handsome, tall, hard-working and a very pleasant gentleman who was looking to meet a single woman. Nehemiah’s cousin immediately thought that she would be perfect for him.

At first, Nehemiah wasn’t sure if Roderick was right for her because of the distance they lived away from each other. However, a second thought convinced her that because he was a driver too, they could possibly have something in common. In spite of the obstacles Nehemiah, decided to call Roderick.

Excerpts: “When you pray with meaning and power, God will allow you to see your results with meaning and power. When He answers you, He will place different people at the right time in your life. Sometimes they have specific messages they may share with you, sometimes a story, sometimes a blessing, and sometimes beautiful things happen when you have a relationship with the Lord.”

Then one day while on driving on the 401 collectors, suddenly Nehemiah felt her car being pushed, she screamed and looked at the rearview mirror and she saw a big blue dump truck smashing into her car from behind which sent her car smashing into the concrete guard rail.

Screaming for Jesus’ help, the car spun out of control and cross four lanes of traffic, and into a tree. She could not believe it when she looked in the review mirror. Her entire life flashed before her eyes! And what about her husband?!

Faith Enhances Freedom is definitely a faith booster for someone who may be feeling downcast in their dreams and out of hope. Nehemiah shares her truths throughout this book. Every page gives you a level of hope, inspiration, and possibilities. Was it love at first sight? Purchase a copy and read about the beautiful blessings that God had in store for Nehemiah and Roderick’s miraculous journey.


Excerpt: “When you have a vision or a dream hold on to it. If it allows you to feel peace, happiness, and confidence in your mind, body, and soul, hold on to it. When you are a believer in Christ Jesus, you must continue to have faith under any circumstance, no matter who or what tries to hinder you from your joy, happiness, or success. Keep your mind on the Father above all else, and you will not be disappointed. Dreams do come true!”


This book has the potential to uplift and encourage the reader. It provides direction by way of questions that could be relevant in addressing common desires. It’s also filled with Scriptures that confirm the Author’s point of view.

                              FAITH ENHANCES FREEDOM RECEIVES FOUR STARS!   🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 



About the Author…

Natalie Phipps lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her spouse and her 15 yr. old cat, Sasha. She hopes her writing and the spiritual signs to which she has been exposed will restore confidence in readers around the world, particularly those who need encouragement and motivation in Jesus’ name. If she touches one heart, one mind, one soul, her goal will be achieved.



Purchase your copy to read how Nehemiah and Roderick met and began a fairytale life together by the grace of God. Or simply enter my giveaway to win a copy! Go to: @jeanieshepardministries on Instagram and follow the rules to enter. *Please Note: This Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Thank you!

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