Hello! My name is Jeanie Shepard. I have dedicated my life to serving God, and being an example of the love of Christ. I am a passionate Bible teacher, and I’m committed to inspiring and encouraging people to live their best lives now, to face their fears, and to grow stronger in the holy things of God.

I believe that God deposits a seed of greatness in everyone before birth, and just like all other seeds that are planted, spiritual seeds require nurturing and great care in order to produce its fruit. I strive to achieve this goal through biblical teaching, and my inspirational writings.

Family is very important to me. I have two sons, one daughter, a son in law, and a new addition to our family, my grandson, Jr. and I love spending quality time with them. I strongly believe in keeping God first and everything else in our lives will come into alignment with His word.

I love my life, and I feel privileged to serve God through serving His people. Join me as I joyfully share the Word of God through scriptural teachings and life application. Each day is a new journey of endless possibilities with God.




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