Group PrayerHeavenly Father God who sits high and looks low. Precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the lifter of our heads and the keeper of our souls.

Blessed Holy Spirit, our comforter, guide and strength. Thank you Supreme, Triune God Most high. We bow in humble submission of your Sovereignty.

We lift up before your throne of grace and mercy, all who look to you for strength, joy, peace and comfort, and healing. It is because of your unconditional love for us that we move, breathe and have our being.

Bless us this day, we pray, believing that you do all things well, and that in you there is no failure.

Help us Oh God to hold on to your word, that no matter what we go through, you are there with us through each and every step.

Allow your spirit to rest upon us, that all might know that we belong to you. Keep us from all hurt, harm and evil. Let your love and light prevail in all things.

We will continue to praise your name, and to lift you up high above the earth, for it is by your will that we are able to do all things. All glory be yours now, and forever more.


Prayer Submitted by: Adrienne Jones, Christ Servant Minister.

Intagram: @shellyisaj