Nikki R.

I believe in divine connections and I am so glad God connected me with Jeanie Shepard via social media. Jeanie is truly my sister in Christ. Her genuine love for God was quite evident at the onset of our initial conversation and has remained true ever since. I love Jeanie’s thirst for  God’s wisdom and desire to win souls for the kingdom. Jeanie creates a safe, welcoming and thought-provoking environment for God’s Word to be heard through her conversations, social media posts, blogging and Periscope broadcasts. Jeanie educates others in a manner that can be easily grasped and applied to everyday living.  Jeanie’s transparency is so refreshing and needed in the body of Christ. There are many words that can be used to describe Jeanie Shepard.  She is a friend, a confidant, an encourager, a prayer warrior, and most important, a servant on fire for Jesus.  Thank you for taking heed to the call upon your life! May God enlarge your territory and ministry as you continue to fulfill His purpose.