Sandra R. G.

I have followed Min. Jeanie Shepard on Instagram, Facebook and now Jeanie Shepard Ministries. She has been a tremendous blessing to me personally,  I appreciate her insight and encouragement and her genuine truthfulness in rightly dividing the Word of God.

Min. Jeanie has been a great instrument of God as a minister, evangelist, teacher and intercessor. I can contact her and ask for advice or prayer and she is always willing to make time for God’s work. She knows her calling and boldly walks in it.

I pray that she will be as much a blessing to those who reach out to her as she has been to me.  I pray for more partners with her ministry and increase in all provision for every need.  I pray that God will use her mightily to break chains and set captives free and bring souls into the Kingdom of God.

Min. Jeanie thank you for being my prayer partner and praising God with me during my ups and downs. I thank God that you are sensitive and compassionate to listen with a loving ear and not judgmentally. It is an honor for me to acknowledge you and your ministry. – Minister Sandra Ratney Griffin